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About Varied / Hobbyist Holly Anne Fiore29/Female/United States Groups :iconbeatlelyfanfics: BeatlelyFanFics
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The rubbish I create with me own hands and brain... :D


Is it any wonder I like these people's work? :thumbsup:
  • Mood: Sunny Mood
  • Listening to: my fans blowing
  • Reading: The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton
  • Watching: Medium
  • Playing: solitaire
  • Drinking: water

Was tagged by TheEmptyChest! :D

Thirteen Facts about Me!

    1)      I hate talk radio; it’s annoying and people are always fighting and talking over each other. Sometimes I think my head will explode.

    2)      I don’t play my guitar as often as I used to. Go figure.

    3)      I once bought a sitar to pluck it

But strings would break lots when I struck it

To tune was a chore

So I found a store

And sold the thing and then said “fuck it!”

    4)      I get so hot at night that I always use a ceiling fan, an oscillating fan, and sometimes leave the window open.

    5)      I get internet withdrawal when the power’s out.

    6)      I have three table lamps and one overhead light in my room but it is still never bright enough due to having only one window. :P

    7)      I bought a cute new retro tankini top at Target recently; I look damn good in it.

    8)      I like to make art dolls and am in the middle of my first male doll which will be a likeness of the Mughal emperor Akbar the Great, although he looks more like an ape right now due to his long-ass arms and lack of shoulders. :lol:

    9)      I might put up a new chapter of V. Harrison in the near future.

    10)  I hope to be able to carve a stick I found last week into a staff or walking cane, with native American influences.

    11)  I’m 29 years old and still live with my parents because I have no steady job, but I’m looking to change that soon, hopefully by shadowing a graphic artist.

    12)  I love Oscar Wilde’s faery tales and fables and poetry because they are eloquent and at times, humorous as was he.

    13)  I love Christian! :love:


TheEmptyChest’s Questions


1. Do you have any guilty pleasures? (And don't you dare just say yes and leave it at that. THAT'S JUST CRUEL, MAN.) Yes. Chooooocolate!!! Lol


2. If you were to write a book about your life, what would you title it? The Weirdo’s Manifesto


3. What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given, about anything: art, life, love, whatever? I love Oscar Wilde’s saying about life: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” :)


4. When it comes to books, movies, TV shows, etc., do you seek out specific genres or are you not genre-picky? I don’t like watching horror much, nor do I like gangster movies or anything bloody and violent. I also don’t like anything that ends on an uncertain note unless a sequel is provided to wrap up loose ends.


5. If you could have personally witnessed something from the past, what would you have wanted to see? I would see the coronation of Elizabeth I.


6. What's the longest you've gone without sleep? Dunno, about 29 hours when I was about 13/14. I was writing all night.


7. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up? Christian.


8. What fictional character(s) do you resonate with? Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye


9. If you were the leader of your country, what would be your first order of business? To make a federal government that put councilors in charge of the states with no ability for each state to make their own laws, but knowing that most people would be against this, I would be impeached and people would hate me and call me a commie. But I probably wouldn’t be voted into the White House in the first place.


10. What are your pets, if you have any? One dog, a cocker spaniel-poodle mix (ie. Cockapoo) named Patches.


11. Are you a night owl or an early bird? A night owl. But I do most of my activity during the day between 10 in the morning and 8 at night.


12. What is your opinion on one-night stands? I’ve never had a one-night stand nor any kind of stand for that matter so I don’t think I have the right to an opinion.


13. What accomplishment are you most proud of? Replying to Christian’s first email, and also losing 27 pounds of my weight since January 12th of this year


My Questions


    1)      If you were a member of a tribal group, where in the world would that be? (ex. Africa, US/Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc.. anywhere tribes exist)

    2)      Do you think that access to a search engine is significantly reducing our ability to memorize facts and information?

    3)      Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot?

    4)      Kindle or paperback book?

    5)      Did you know that drinking water regularly throughout the day can smooth your skin out and keep it moisturized, also minimizing the appearance of pimples?

    6)      Would you rather swim in salt water or fresh water?

    7)      What’s your opinion on first world problems?

    8)      How do you handle man’s dependency on electronics and technical gadgets?

    9)      Poetry or pottery?

    10)  Do you know what a chiton is without looking it up?

    11)  What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

    12)  Brian Froud faeries or Amy Brown faeries?

    13)  What’s the weirdest dream you ever had? (Mine was about Elmo from Sesame Street having loud and obnoxious sex with a chicken. Don’t ask, I don’t know either. :lmao:)

I tag...
I don't know; hardly any of my friends are on here anymore. LOL
How about?
TrainScribbler (when you can deary)
And anyone else who feels like doing this. LOL

Love you guys,
Holly Fiore



ImagineAppleScruffs's Profile Picture
Holly Anne Fiore
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello! Have fun looking at my varied works! :)

-- Holly :peace:


I love DeviantArt! It's a wonderful community where I can find people just as weird as I am. ;)
I like the Beatles. :nod:
I like the Young Ones, a 1980s British comedy TV show.
My art is usually done in Photoshop CS3 and Flash. And my cloth art is done in various fabrics, trims and beads, with needle and thread. No sewing machine.
I try to write every day. I aim to become a part time freelance writer.
I listen to music every day. I can't go through a whole day without it.
I play a multitude of musical instruments, but my favorite is the guitar!
I love to sing.
I also write my own music and lyrics. Now if only I could get them on the radio! ;)
I like feedback on my work, so if you have something to say, please say it!
I believe in angels! :floating:
I love the TV show 'Gunsmoke'; for some reason I keep dreaming about Marshal Dillon (played by James Arness). I also like the show 'Bonanza'... and some of its characters: Little Joe Cartwright (played by Michael Landon) and Griff King (Tim Matheson), mainly. :love:

I love Star Wars and Luke Skywalker, but goddammit I f***ing HATE Mara Jade!!! Do not, I seriously mean DO NOT get me started on how much I HATE that orange hairball that someone's cat hacked up!!! She is NOT welcome in my personal Star Wars universe...
Just sayin'!

Have fun here, guys!

My dA Family:

Twin brother: :iconglompsomethingplz::iconblindsharigan: I luv you, man!
Younger brother: :iconluciferv: Hir oes! :ahoy:
Twin sister: :icontheemptychest: I looooooove youuuu!!! :la:
Sisters: :iconlucy-has-diamonds: :iconcygnus-x-2: :tighthug: x 2
Younger sisters: :iconraspberry-bliss: :icondrawingwo: :iconjulie090995: :pat: x 3

If you want to be a part of my dA family, just note me as to who you want to be, and I'll add you! :)

Current Residence: Massachusetts USA
Favorite genre of music: Celtic, World, Oldies, Classical
Favorite photographer: Robert Doisneau, Harry Benson, Ansel Adams, Dezo Hoffman
Favorite style of art: Art Nouveaux, Medieval stylized, popart/psychedelic, pre-raphaelite
Operating System: Windows 8.1
MP3 player of choice: Sansa Clip +
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that fits with one of my projects.

Personal Quote: Great friends are amazing blessings. A thousand times over. -- Me

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