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The rubbish I create with me own hands and brain... :D


Is it any wonder I like these people's work? :thumbsup:
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Hello everybody! :)

This is for anyone out there having a hard time meeting someone they can love and who can love them back.


I once came across a young man’s page that conveyed he was looking for a girlfriend. I understand that lonely people may do this, but searching on deviantART may not be the smartest, or even safest, option. So, I’m going to give all woman-seeking people here a bit of advice and a bit of hope, because indeed there is hope… I know from experience.


Now listen up:


One thing you should know about meeting women to date is to actually be yourself.


Try to exude self-confidence – If you're not confident in who you are as a person, most women will sense that. Some will try to coax you out of your shell, like I have done with shy guys in the past. But some women don't want to work that hard. And they'll run off.


Don't chase them unless they want to be chased – You can tell if they want you to pursue them if they flirt with you visually (a wink, a genuine smile, repeatedly looking in your direction to see if you're watching...) but have their own life where they don't focus on you solely. A good 99% of women don't want to babysit a grown man, so make sure you keep yourself occupied with your own pleasant activities as well.


Stay within your age range – It's a fine line when you're in your 20s. Don't go for anyone under 18 or over 24 if you are between the ages 19 and 22. you are still young enough to keep looking until you find a winner. I would say an acceptable age range for a mid-20s male to look through is 3 years younger to 4 or 5 years older. In your 30s, stick to people who are 28/29 and those within their 30s as well. In your 40s, it is acceptable to stay exactly within your age range of 40 to 49 and maybe 50 and 51 if you’re in your late 40s. In your 50s, try 49 to 59, etc… the older you get, the less important the number of years older your ideal mate becomes.


Stay positive – There are many good women in the world. And there is someone for everyone. This I firmly believe. I myself went through 2 or 3 breakups before meeting Christian.


Consider – Online dating for specific types of people (the Passions network has groups for large people and their admirers, sports fans, religious preferences, LGBTU resources, BDSM people, cosplayers, furries... etc...) Also consider joining a singles group in your area on; they help you get out and mingle with real people.


Be open-minded –to different races, cultures, sizes of women, new experiences


It's okay to show your weak side to a woman. If she is serious about you, she will open up as well and you two will have a nice and stable relationship. It's also okay to be sad and/or cry when a breakup happens. For surely this can and will happen to anyone. When it does, make sure you give yourself time to recover and gather your thoughts before looking to date again.


Love yourself enough to know that you are a great person and that there's no reason that a real woman wouldn't give you a chance. And really, it is difficult to open up your heart to love if you don't love yourself first. Try this exercise if needed: Look at yourself in the mirror once every hour if possible, smile at your reflection, and say "You are a great man/woman." Believe yourself when you say this. Even if it feels silly at first


Do be discriminating in your affections – It won't help you or a potential mate if you're not attracted to each other in every way. Personality is wonderful, but make sure you are also physically attracted to her.


Remember that you are worth something to someone. And don't think of it as "finding" a girlfriend unless it's someone who's missing. Think of it as meeting her. She is a human; not a lost object.


Don't pressure her to show you anything she's not ready to show, and don't show her anything you're not ready to show. Rushing things is not always a good idea unless you are both fast-working and looking for a fling. Another thing is not to show her anything before asking if it's okay. Keep in mind that a Yes consent for sex is NOT an invitation to all types of sexual acts, Maybe does NOT mean Yes, and No MEANS No.


Real women have feelings and make mistakes; be sure to comfort her when she needs it, and rejoice with her when she is happy. If she makes a mistake by committing an infidelity, don't write her off right away. Most relationships can be fixed if you are committed to each other. If she leaves you for the person with whom she cheated, then she wasn’t committed at all. But know that if she does this, then she doesn't deserve you.


Sex is okay but is not a binding contract. Some women like to feel like they are scoring, just as some men do. Do not confuse lust with love, but if you do unknowingly, it's okay. You will soon understand how to separate the two.


Don't give up if you feel hopeless. Like I said before, there truly are plenty of women out there that you have not yet met. And at least one of them will be drawn to you and make you feel like the man you are and will be more than willing to help you realize your full potential.


and above all:


Allow yourself to love and be loved. You were meant to be loved, and you were made to love others. You are worth something more than money. But don't base your self-worth on what others say to you. They hold no right to make or break you. Only you hold that right.


I really hope this is helpful to you, my friends. It took me a long time to learn all of this myself. But it's worth it because I am a better person for it all.


If you have more questions or just want to talk to someone who understands, just note me.


Love you all,

Holly Fiore


PS. By no means am I an expert at this; I only speak from experience.


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Holly Anne Fiore
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Hello! Have fun looking at my varied works! :)

-- Holly :peace:


I love DeviantArt! It's a wonderful community where I can find people just as weird as I am. ;)
I like the Beatles. :nod:
I like the Young Ones, a 1980s British comedy TV show.
My art is usually done in Photoshop CS3 and Flash. And my cloth art is done in various fabrics, trims and beads, with needle and thread. No sewing machine.
I try to write every day. I aim to become a part time freelance writer.
I listen to music every day. I can't go through a whole day without it.
I play a multitude of musical instruments, but my favorite is the guitar!
I love to sing.
I also write my own music and lyrics. Now if only I could get them on the radio! ;)
I like feedback on my work, so if you have something to say, please say it!
I believe in angels! :floating:
I love the TV show 'Gunsmoke'; for some reason I keep dreaming about Marshal Dillon (played by James Arness). I also like the show 'Bonanza'... and some of its characters: Little Joe Cartwright (played by Michael Landon) and Griff King (Tim Matheson), mainly. :love:

I love Star Wars and Luke Skywalker, but goddammit I f***ing HATE Mara Jade!!! Do not, I seriously mean DO NOT get me started on how much I HATE that orange hairball that someone's cat hacked up!!! She is NOT welcome in my personal Star Wars universe...
Just sayin'!

Have fun here, guys!

My dA Family:

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If you want to be a part of my dA family, just note me as to who you want to be, and I'll add you! :)

Current Residence: Massachusetts USA
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Wallpaper of choice: Anything that fits with one of my projects.

Personal Quote: Great friends are amazing blessings. A thousand times over. -- Me

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